Evolving from Flite AIR to Flite AIR PRO

By David Trewern

Embarking on the thrilling adventure of electric hydrofoiling is an experience like no other, and Fliteboard has crafted a seamless progression for riders looking to elevate their skills. The transition from the beginner-friendly Flite AIR to the more dynamic Flite AIR PRO offers enthusiasts a pathway to masterful eFoiling, unlocking a world of increased manoeuvrability and responsiveness.

At 5 foot, the AIR PRO might only be a half a foot shorter than the Flite AIR, but it’s 30 litres less in volume and 1kg lighter. The difference in size and weight makes it extra nimble for taking your eFoiling to the next level.

  Flite AIR Flite AIR PRO
Length 5'8" / 174cm 5'2" / 158cm
Width 698mm / 27.5" 647mm / 25.5"
Thickness 115mm / 4.5" 110mm / 4 3/16"
Weight (excluding Flitecell) 12kg / 26.5lbs 11kg / 24.5lbs
Volume 110L 80L
Recommended mast 75cm / 30" 75cm / 30"

Flite AIR

The Journey Begins: Flite AIR

Designed with beginners and heavier riders in mind, Flite AIR serves as the perfect introduction to the world of electric hydrofoiling. Boasting a stable and forgiving platform, Flite AIR offers a larger surface area and enhanced buoyancy. When starting out on FLITE AIR, you’ll find the extra buoyancy supports heavier riders and early planing, so it’s easier for beginners to get up and start foiling and give them confidence as they learn the fundamentals.

Flite AIR's generous dimensions and user-friendly design make it an ideal choice for those taking their first steps in hydrofoiling. The wider outline and longer length contribute to a stable ride, allowing riders to easily focus on building core skills such as balance and weight distribution.

Riding a Flite AIR

Transitioning to Agility: Flite AIR PRO

As riders gain confidence and proficiency on Flite AIR, the natural progression leads to the sleeker and more agile Flite AIR PRO. The AIR PRO is a shorter and lighter iteration, meticulously crafted to cater to riders seeking enhanced manoeuvrability and responsiveness on the water. There is no need to purchase a whole new eFoil setup, simply replace the board as the modular architecture is designed for riders to customise their ride as they desire.

Size Matters: PRO's Compact Design

The most noticeable difference between the AIR and AIR PRO lies in their size and dimensions. The PRO features a more compact and streamlined design and reduced board length. This reduction in size results in a lower overall weight, contributing to the PRO's nimble and agile performance. It’s also better paired with an optional longer mast for increased lean angles.

Weight Reduction and Impact on Manoeuvrability

Flite AIR PRO's reduced weight translates to increased responsiveness and manoeuvrability on the water. Riders will find that the AIR PRO responds promptly to subtle shifts in weight and body positioning, allowing for quicker turns, sharper manoeuvres, and an overall more dynamic hydrofoiling experience.

Board Length & Volume: Striking the Balance

While the Flite AIR PRO's shorter length and volume may seem like a significant departure from the AIR, it's a deliberate choice to enhance the rider's control and precision. The reduced board length and volume means reduced swing weight, resulting in a more responsive and lively feel. This allows experienced riders to carve through the water with precision, making the AIR PRO an ideal choice for those looking to push their Fliteboarding skills to the next level.

Unlocking Your Hydrofoiling Potential

The transition from the Flite AIR to Flite AIR PRO represents a natural progression in a rider's eFoiling journey. By mastering the basics on Flite AIR, riders build a solid foundation of skills, preparing them for the heightened agility and responsiveness offered by Flite AIR PRO. The modular Fliteboard ecosystem allows riders to easily upgrade their board without having to change any other aspects of their eFoil setup. Endless customisation options are available for each rider's preference.

Fliteboard's commitment to providing a seamless progression ensures that riders can evolve their eFoiling experience at their own pace. Whether carving through gentle waves or executing intricate manoeuvres, the Flite AIR PRO empowers riders to unlock their full eFoiling potential.

Evolve your ride Flite AIR PRO

Conclusion: Elevating Your Ride with Fliteboard

In the dynamic world of eFoiling, Fliteboard stands out for its commitment to rider progression, performance and innovation. The transition from the beginner-friendly Flite AIR to the agile Flite AIR PRO marks a pivotal moment in a rider's journey, offering a pathway to heightened manoeuvrability and responsiveness on the water. The beauty of the design ensures uncompromised quality, and both boards integrate seamlessly with the existing Flite ecosystem ensuring consistency in performance, safety and durability.*

Flite AIR leverages numerous patented Flite innovations as well as a host of unique features. As riders embrace the challenge of mastering the Flite AIR PRO, they discover a new realm of possibilities, pushing the boundaries of what is achievable in the world of electric hydrofoiling. Elevate your ride, embrace the progression, and experience the exhilaration of electric hydrofoiling at its finest with Fliteboard.

*Note: Flite AIR is compatible with Flitecell Nano and Sport but not Explore.