Fliteboard AIR: world’s best yacht toy

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There is no better eFoil for learning than Fliteboard AIR. That’s why it’s used at Fliteschools around the world. What makes it so attractive for beginners, yachts, resorts and families?

An inflatable exterior makes it lighter to use. Plus, it can be rolled up for easy transport and storage.

Built to commercial grade from advanced materials, AIR is made for constant enjoyment and adventures. 

Greater volume than other models allows heavier riders to lay, kneel and stand with ease.

Longer and wider than our other models, AIR creates a stable platform for learning the art of Filteboarding.

Forgiving Falls
AIR comes with our shortest mast (60 cm / 2 feet), so it’s not far to fall. 

Cruise Control 
Fliteboard’s unique virtual gears system makes it easier for first time riders to fly. Focus on balancing the board, not the trigger.

This is the Rolls Royce of eFoils. - Seb Pulido, Yacht Captain

Captains and Crew Agree
When Yachting Pages told us they gathered together a group of captains and crew in the South of France to test a selection of water toys, we were excited to hear their feedback. They based their ratings on a range of metrics that they felt ‘would be helpful to superyacht decision-makers that may be interested in purchasing them’. The verdict is in: 

‘The captains really enjoyed testing the eFoil Fliteboard, so much so that it was voted Best Value for Money and Most Fun!’

Safety First for Peace of Mind
In addition to the ease of use, transport and storage, we’re proud to have market-leading safety features. You can read more about our perfect battery safety record here and rest easy knowing that safety is our first priority at Flite.

Series 3 is taking safety to another level, with our Flite Jet innovation. The unique impeller design creates the safest, smoothest ride. For longer foil times and efficiency, you might choose our other recommended propulsion system for AIR: Flite Propeller with a prop guard. The prop guard fits over the end cap to provide rider protection from the propeller. Our warranty covers riders up to 120 kg / 265 lbs with Flite Propeller and 100 kg / 220 lbs with Flite Jet.

Fully Supported
In the event of a tear or rip, there is no need to worry. We include a user-friendly repair kit with every setup. If ever captains or guests have questions, they can reach out to our Customer Support team. With a global network, exceptional support is available 24/7.


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