Why is Flitescooter eFoil so easy to ride?

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

Flitescooter is revolutionising watersports by making it possible for people with no experience to fly over water. Learn in minutes and discover the incredible freedom of Flite. There’s nothing else like it.

"Flitescooter is a game changer for those who were nervous to get out on a Fliteboard."

- Justin King, General Manager VOMO Island Fiji

Why is Flitescooter eFoil so easy to ride?

1. Handlebars for balance and stability

Handlebars add two more points of contact so you can stand with ease. Hold on and lean from side to side to steer.

2. Intuitive thumb throttle

An ergonomically designed thumb throttle is built into the handlebars. Accelerate and slow down just like you would with an electric scooter.

3. Inflatable, buoyant board

Flitescooter showcases our most buoyant, stable electric hydrofoil board. You can balance whether stationary or moving. Carry it to the water on your own.

4. Step on and go

Between the incredible buoyancy of the board and added stability of the handlebars, you can simply step onto Flitescooter and go.

5. Easy to transport

You can pack down Flitescooter into cases that will fit in your car. Considered case design and premium materials make the process seamless.

6. Learn in minutes

With our market-leading Fliteboards, we recommend that people start with a lesson from one of our global Fliteschools. With Flitescooter, minimal instruction is needed.

7. Look no further for ride data

Flite Controller is fitted to the handlebars so you can glance down at your speed and Flitecell battery charge on the high-contrast data display.

8. Cruise on "Scooter mode"

Flitescooter eFoil is set to ‘Scooter mode’, which limits speed to 15mph. When you’re ready to increase your speed, change this setting in Flite App.

9. Fly Zones for safety

Designate "safe areas" prior to riding via Flite App. Get an alert and slow to a safe speed when you venture beyond your Fly Zone. It’s a great family friendly feature.

10. No boat ramp needed

Jet skis require a boat ramp and the complexity of a trailer. With Flitescooter, just unpack it from your car and launch from anywhere.

We love seeing people who have never done watersports or boardsports get up and foiling so quickly. Tag us with your Flitescooter adventure #flitescooter #steponandgo