Fliteboard AIR XL Board

An easy-going board for your collection, it’s ideal for new riders and relaxed adventures. A removable inflatable exterior around a carbon core makes it easier to transport and store. Perfect for yachts, beginners, families, schools, resorts and heavier riders.

Fliteboard For safety reasons the Fliteboard AIR XL cannot be used as a Flitescooter without the Flitescooter Inflatable, handlebars, wireless safety key, Flitescooter 60cm eFoil and Cruiser 1800 wing.

  • Size 6' x 30"
  • Volume 164 litres
  • This item includes the board and board bag.
  • Not compatible with Series 1 eFoil or Flite Controller.

Disclaimer: Flitescooter handlebars require the Flitescooter Inflatable and Flitescooter eFoil set up with Bluetooth Safety Key, Flite Jet and Cruiser 1800 wing set. For safety reasons, using Flitescooter handlebars is not compatible with Fliteboard AIR XL Inflatable or any other eFoil set up.
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