Creating the Flite x Marc Newson Fliteboard range

David Trewern and Marc Newson in discussion

To celebrate the launch of the Flite x Marc Newson Fliteboard range, David Trewern and Marc Newson got together to discuss the collaborative project. Over three years the two visionaries have worked together to create the ultimate range of eFoils.

“The intent here was to create something extra special, to really remove a lot of the constraints that would otherwise exist in a product like this. So that was really the thought, well, if we just got rid of those constraints and work together, and pushed it to the limit, what could we create?” David

David Trewern & Marc Newson talked about their serendipitous meeting, their shared passion for limitless design and of course the incredible feeling of flying above water.

“There had been bushfires in Australia and we're running a raffle to raise money for the bushfires and all those tickets came into my inbox as emails and I saw one appear for about a second and a half before it disappeared and it said Marc Newson limited and I'm like, hang on a minute, I think that's Marc. And I immediately wrote and said, I think I think you might have just bought a ticket. Good luck. And Marc wrote straight back within a couple of minutes and said, I've got one of these things in my shopping cart. We then worked out we had a mutual connection, and that's where the conversation started.” David

Watch the interview to hear the whole conversation.

“So yeah, I mean, these are incredibly…compelling, but when you see these things out of the water, it really makes you want to interact with them.” Marc

The pinnacle of the range is the MN60 Wave, a single minded Fliteboard designed with surfing in mind. Made from high modulus pre-pre carbon fibre, its revolutionary monobloc eFoil fuses the narrow mast and 46mm fuselage together. It also features our new Folding Prop which automatically streamlines when needed. These hydrodynamically efficient components greatly reduce drag and allow riders to surf waves unpowered.

“They are the lightest, strongest materials known to us industrially, and sadly not the cheapest. They require really specific production facilities to be able to manage them in specific places. So it's hard to do. But the good thing about doing things that are hard to do is that they're hard to copy.” Marc

The range also features the broader performance focused MN60 and the larger and more stable MN86. Discover the whole range here.