Introducing Flite MN eFoil

Our best eFoil yet

Flite x Marc Newson is the result of a near three-year collaboration that saw Marc Newson meticulously refine every inch until only the barest essentials were left. This spartan approach is best exemplified in the redesigned MN eFoil, now the world’s lightest, stiffest and strongest eFoil.

What makes the MN eFoil so special?

MN eFoil is a monobloc eFoil. Made into one piece of high modulus pre-preg carbon fibre this singular flowing form has no joints or bolts and has the perfect balance between stiffness and drag reduction. It gives the rider ultra-efficient hydrodynamics and the responsiveness to lean into deeper turns.

What makes the MN eFoil better than other carbon fibre eFoils?

Informed by aerospace engineering, we sourced the finest Japanese high modulus pre-preg carbon fibre. This advanced material has exactly the right ratio of resin on each sheet of fibre. This ensures that when layered, the perfect ratio of resin and fibre is consistent throughout. Alternative methods can’t ensure this same precision and consistency. Without this perfect ratio the material’s strength and stiffness can vary across different parts and batches.

How is the Flite MN eFoil constructed?

Also helping to ensure perfection is the use of an autoclave. After the layers of fibre and resin are laid in the mould, this state-of-the-art device binds and cures them into a solid mass by applying uniform heat and very high pressure. While less sophisticated methods use clamps or vacuum to apply pressure, an autoclave uses a pressure system to eliminate the risk of air bubbles, which means no weak spots in the finished product.

What is the Flite MN eFoil like to ride?

With a 16mm tapered mast, flowing smoothly through to a titanium conical wing attachment and motor integrated fuselage, the MN eFoil glides with minimal drag. Its light weight and stiffness mean everything from small adjustments to deep carves are stable and purposeful; simply think about a direction and the board will follow. We’ve created an eFoil so good you’ll forget it’s there.

When will the Flite MN eFoil be available?

Flite x Marc Newson board, eFoil and wings configuration will be available for pre-order starting 21 September 2023 through our website and Flite Authorised Partners worldwide.