How to ride Flitescooter eFoil in 3 easy steps

By David Trewern

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

Flitescooter is revolutionising watersports. With an electric motor, you can quietly explore the ocean and waterways. With our market-leading Flitecell technology, you get an average of 1.5 hours ride time. That’s a lot of exploring, especially because the inflatable board is so buoyant you can cut the motor and hang out on your Flitescooter anytime.
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Perhaps just as significant for changing the watersports industry is that Flitescooter makes it possible for anyone to get up and foiling. Typically, foiling is considered to be quite challenging, much like surfing. However, with the Flitescooter eFoil, you can be flying over the water in minutes. Check out this video from Flite Founder & CEO David Trewern to see just how simple it is to fly with Flitescooter’s handlebars and incredible stability.


Here’s how you can be eFoiling in 3 easy steps

1. To get started, arm the system. Press the thumb throttle all the way then release it completely. Press and release the minus button on Flite Controller. Press the thumb throttle gently within the 5 second countdown window to activate Flite Jet.

2. By pressing gently on the thumb throttle, you’ll start moving. Push on the handlebars to help the board get planing.

3. Once you’re at planing speed, very gently shift your weight back by pulling on the handlebars. Push forward slightly to correct and level out, and you’ll be up and flying.

You can steer by shifting weight from one foot to the other. You can touch down by pushing down on the handlebars and you can take off by pulling back. You’ve got a lot of control through the handlebars and a very solid connection with four points of contact.

Flitescooter can be a relaxing ride or at faster speeds, it can feel like you’re riding an electric bike over water. It’s a lot of fun for anyone, whether you’ve got no watersports experience at all or you’ve got lots of action sports experience and want to try something new.

To learn more, watch the video below for top tips, common mistakes and how to fall safely. You can also read more about our Flitescooter safety innovations like Fly Zones, wireless safety key and speed limiting here.