Ride the wave with ULTRA L2

By David Trewern

ULTRA L2 isn’t just the world’s lightest production performance eFoil, it’s a wave weapon as Flite Performance Team rider, Adam Bennetts has been discovering.

ULTRA L2 new wave riding eFoil

Efoil meets surf foil

The performance Adam is able to extract from the ULTRA L2 setup is incredible and optimises the handling characteristics that are closer to a traditional surf foil, than an eFoil. Of course, this foil has the power to catch bigger waves that a regular foiler would have to be towed onto. In short it’s a win-win.

Smaller eFoil for waves

Small is beautiful

ULTRA L2 is preconfigured with the MN Carbon Wave eFoil system, specifically designed for elite wave performance. Housed in the incredibly slim fuselage is the world’s smallest, lowest drag propulsion system, measuring just 40mm in diameter. It powers the ingenious Flite Folding prop, which as the name suggests folds flat like a fishtail when the throttle is released allowing effortless glide that harnesses the power of the wave. Riding in this way creates far less demand for battery power, extending your ride time well beyond the norm.

ULTRA L2 is agile and responsive in surf

ULTRA agile and responsive.

By centralising the mass of the battery over the mast and narrowing the shape of the board we minimised the swing weight of ULTRA L2. At 820mm x 13.8mm the mast is also our sleekest and longest. The result allows riders to effortlessly transfer from edge to edge in deeper carves and sharper cutbacks because of the greater angle that can be generated before the rails of the board touch the water.

ULTRA L2 Carbon Fiber

Materials matter

The MN eFoil system is formed from a single sheet of Japanese high modulus, pre-preg (HMPP) carbon fibre, as used in the Aerospace and elite Motorsports industries due to its incredible strength to weight ratio and torsional stiffness. The patented monobloc construction seamlessly connects mast, fuselage and tail in a single flowing form without joints or bolts, significantly reducing drag, weight and enhancing responsiveness.

New conical wings by Flite

It’s a wing thing

Central to ULTRA L2’s epic wave performance is the innovative new Conical Wing range featuring two wings specifically designed for advanced wave riding. The Wave 850C & Wave 1000C have been optimised for maximum glide. The smaller 850C wing favours lighter riders or bigger waves because of its reduced drag coefficient, while the bigger 1000C wing is more suitable for heavier riders or smaller waves due to the greater amount of lift it generates. Each wing connects seamlessly to the fuselage via a revolutionary corrosion resistant, titanium nose cone interface which increases lift while optimising water flow around the foil. This innovative design allows riders to achieve a smoother, faster, and more energy-efficient ride than ever before.

ULTRA L2 is exactly what we envisaged when the concept of our lightest, slimmest and most hydrodynamically efficient, performance eFoil was born. Now go forth and ride swell like nature intended.