Jet vs Propeller

By David Trewern

Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

At Flite, we are relentless in our pursuit of innovation. Fliteboarding (or eFoiling) is evolving as a sport, and our engineers are obsessed with developing new technologies that offer benefits to different types of riders in different conditions. Our customers are pioneers too, and many want to expand their Fliteboard experience and try new ways of riding. 

With the introduction of Series 3 we now offer two base propulsion options:

1. Propeller propulsion (Flite Propeller or True Glide)
2. Jet propulsion (Flite Jet)

Flite Founder and Product Architect, David Trewern, discusses the benefits of jet vs propeller propulsion in the video below.

What is Dual Drive?
Dual Drive is our proprietary system (introduced with Series 3) that allows riders to switch propulsion systems in seconds with no tools required. This system also aids maintenance and servicing by making it easy to remove and check the propulsion system.

What is an eFoil propulsion system? 
The propulsion system provides the thrust that allows you to ride a Fliteboard autonomously without the need for wind or waves. Through the use of electric power, you can experience a quiet, emission-free ride on almost any body of water in a range of conditions. 

How do I choose the right propulsion system? 
For the majority of users, our classic Flite Propeller will be the best place to start, offering versatility and efficiency for a range of riders in a range of conditions. 

We provide more information below and in our Ride Calculator to help you choose the right option for your needs. You can order an alternate system at any time and swap between systems using Dual Drive.

Flite Propeller
Flite Propeller is our most versatile option, enjoyed by over 7,500 Fliteboarders since 2018. Flite Propeller offers a great mix of efficiency, thrust and safety (when using the Prop Guard that comes standard).

  • Riders will enjoy the efficiency of this system that uses our unique reduction gearbox and propeller design. Together, they provide long rides and allow the use of smaller and lighter batteries.
  • Beginners will enjoy peace of mind knowing that the propeller is protected from most types of impacts. 
  • Heavier riders will benefit from maximum thrust provided by our reduction gearbox that quadruples the torque of the motor to get heavier riders up and foiling quickly with minimum battery power.
  • Flite Propeller works perfectly with Virtual Gears to help riders learn quickly, and maintain constant speed with Cruise Control.


  • Efficiency, thrust and speed
  • Suits beginners to advanced riders
  • Can be used with Safety Plus Prop Guard or optional Pro Tail Cover
  • Great for heavier beginners and intermediates

Best Wings with Flite Propeller
All of our wings have been designed to be ridden with Flite Propeller. The Cruiser range is our most popular for beginners. Then advance to faster, looser wings.

Best batteries with Flite Propeller 
All of our batteries can be used with Flite Propeller. Choose Flitecell Explore for long rides or if you are a heavier rider. If you prefer to compromise ride time to benefit from a lighter set-up (or you are a lighter weight rider) choose Flitecell Sport or Nano. 

Flite Jet
Flite Jet is a new propulsion option that offers the safest and smoothest rides possible on an eFoil. Superior engineering by expert hydrodynamicists has created the world’s smallest, lowest drag eFoil jet. 

  • The Flite Jet impeller is completely shielded, which removes the potential for a propeller injury. 
  • The small diameter impeller allows for increased manoeuvrability compared to Flite Propeller.
  • Note that Flite Jet consumes more power than propeller systems, so expect reduced efficiency, thrust and speed with Flite Jet compared to Flite Propeller and True Glide. See the Ride Time Calculator for more details on estimated ride times.  


  • Safest and smoothest ride 
  • Suits beginners to advanced riders
  • Great for lighter riders, yachts, families, schools

Best Wings with Flite Jet
Flite Jet offers our smoothest ride ever, but doesn’t offer the same instant thrust and efficiency as Flite Propeller. Therefore, larger wings should be used, especially for heavier riders. Cruiser Jet wings have been specifically designed for Flite Jet, and are available in 1500 and 1800 sizes. Cruiser Jet wings have been designed for stability, glide and low to medium speeds. They’re ideal for learning or adventuring with, however they still provide a great ride for intermediate and advanced riders, especially when used in waves due to their superior glide.

The larger Flow wings are also great wings to pair with Flite Jet for intermediate and advanced riders. For example, Flow 1300 offers a very smooth yet agile ride with Flite Jet.

Best Flitecell with Flite Jet
As Flite Jet consumes more power, Flitecell Nano is not recommended. Heavier Flite Jet users or those seeking long rides should choose Flitecell Explore. Lighter riders or those seeking a lighter weight set-up may choose Flitecell Sport. See the Ride Time Calculator for more details on estimated ride times. 

True Glide Prop
True Glide is a free spinning propeller, designed for minimum drag when catching waves and riding swell. Using only the power of the ocean, you can release the trigger to glide. The transition between powered and unpowered is unbelievably smooth. Power back out after your wave to catch the next set. This is the best choice for experienced riders looking for max range to weight ratio.


  • Unpowered wave riding
  • Maximum efficiency, range and speed
  • Suits intermediate to advanced riders

Best Wings with True Glide
For riding waves unpowered, we recommend the Flow and Flow S range. When you purchase a Wave Ride Kit, it comes with the Flow 1100 wing. If you’re just learning to catch waves, are a heavier rider or riding smaller waves, Cruiser Jet wings offer exceptional glide at low speeds.

Best Flitecell with True Glide
Flitecell Nano is the world’s lightest eFoil battery, making it the perfect choice for carving hard and tight turns. Its position towards the mast contributes to minimal swing weight. By riding unpowered, you can easily extend Nano’s 45 minute ride time. See the Ride Time Calculator for more details on estimated ride times. 

Dual Drive gives you the best of both worlds
Now that you’ve learned about our propulsion options, you may be excited to try a couple of them. Dual Drive makes it easy to switch between the jet and a prop. This technology is built-in to all Series 3 boards, so all that’s left for you to do is configure yours.