What is a Fliteboard eFoil?

By David Trewern

Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

Fliteboard is an electric powered hydrofoil, also known as an eFoil. Standing on the board, riders use a handheld Flite Controller to manage their speed. With a mast that is partially underwater, Fliteboarding gives you the feeling of freedom, as you glide silently just above the water. 

Some have likened it to snowboarding through fresh powder and many have said it feels like flying. Others have called it ‘the thrill of a lifetime’ and ‘magical’. The only way to find out how you’ll describe it, is to try it.

Almost anyone can learn in under an hour, no watersports experience necessary. As you gain confidence and skills, transform your ride by changing your wings, shims, propulsion or board. That modular design along with premium materials and patented technology have made Fliteboard the most awarded eFoil in the world. 

Get riding, and you will quickly discover that the possibilities of Fliteboarding are endless. 

A) Fliteboard

The iconic Fliteboard is our #1 best selling board. Proven as the best all-rounder, it’s the board for any level of experience. Series 3 introduces a new fibreglass option at a more accessible price or ride the original carbon fibre board that made us famous. Whatever the material or colour, you always get high performance, next level adventures.

B) Flitecell

Flitecell is a market-leading titanium encased battery. Containing premium ‘21700’ cells, as used in electric hypercars, these cells deliver twice the potential energy for a more aggressive ride. Additional thermal headroom means they won’t overheat (read more about safety). Choose from market leading Flitecell Sport, Explore and Nano.

C) Flitebox

Requiring only two power cables to operate, Flitebox is the patented module that connects the eFoil propulsion unit to the board. You can think of it as the brain. A lightbar tells you the status of the system and Flitecell, and all updates to the app are wireless. It’s plug and play at its finest.

D) Mast

Masts come in three lengths: 60cm, 75cm or 80cm. Because of our modular design, you can easily swap your mast onto any board. That means you can have your PRO for freestyle riding and an AIR for teaching friends or family.

E) Unibody Fuselage

Flite’s patented unibody fuselage is machined to perfection from a single block of aluminium in a 14-hour process. Integrated wing and motor alignment create maximum efficiency and stability. This patented design lets you breeze quietly through the water on the ultimate ride.

F) Dual Drive

Dual Drive is the world’s first interchangeable propulsion system. It allows you to switch from a propeller to jet in seconds, with no tools required. A propeller and guard are recommended for beginners, as is Flite Jet. More advanced riders may remove the prop guard or use True Glide for wave riding. With Dual Drive, you can try it all.

G) Wings

Fliteboard wings have been specifically designed for eFoiling by expert hydrodynamicists. Our wings are interchangeable, so you can customise your ride. Every configuration comes with a wing set that includes a front wing and stabiliser. Start with the Cruiser 1100 or Cruiser Jet 1500 and advance from there.

H) Flite Controller

Flite Controller is intuitively designed to make learning easy. Patented Virtual Gears system lets you balance the board and not the trigger. Beginners can enjoy gentle cruising while more advanced riders can fly at eye-watering speeds. 

I) Flite App

When you’re finished riding, you can relive your ride in Flite App. It’s the most advanced and connected community platform in the industry. Compete with riders globally for top spot across four leaderboards or discover new places to ride on the interactive map. 

J) Flite PFD / Flite Impact Vest

Made from premium 360 stretch neoprene, Flite PFD / Flite Impact Vest is essential when Fliteboarding. Tested at Nazaré, in the toughest Fliteboarding conditions, you can wear it with peace of mind. It is smooth, form-fitting and anatomical, so we recommend going up a size.


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