Frequently asked questions:


Fliteboard is an electric powered hydrofoil, also known as an eFoil. Standing on the board, riders use a handheld Flite Controller to manage their speed. With a mast that is partially underwater, Fliteboarding gives you the feeling of freedom as you glide silently just above the water.

Fliteboard refers to the whole configuration of board, Flitecell (battery) and eFoil (propulsion unit). Technically, an eFoil refers to the mast / propulsion unit only. That said, many people refer to the setup as an eFoil and the sport as eFoiling. We also call it Fliteboarding.

Fliteboard has been extensively tested with riders weighing up to 265 lbs. Our warranty guidelines are below.

Product Information

Product Recommended Warranty Limit
Flitescooter Jet 120kg / 265lbs 120kg / 265lbs
Air / Fliteboard / MN86 Prop 120kg / 265lbs 120kg / 265lbs
Air / Fliteboard / MN86 Jet 100kg / 265lbs 120kg / 265lbs
PRO / MN60 Prop 100kg / 265lbs 120kg / 265lbs
PRO / MN60 Jet 100kg / 265lbs 120kg / 265lbs
ULTRA Prop 90kg / 265lbs 100kg / 220lbs
ULTRA Jet 80kg / 265lbs 100kg / 220lbs

The complete Fliteboard package weighs between 22.5 - 34kg depending upon the board, Flitecell and wing choice.

Fliteboard ULTRA L is the lightest performance eFoil in the market at just 22.5kg including wing and Flitecell Nano. All weights and dimensions for each board, mast and Flitecell can be found in the User Guide.

Along with being the most awarded eFoil on the market, Fliteboard spares no expense when crafting our eFoil. We use only the most premium quality materials in all aspects of the Fliteboard, including our patented Unibody Fuselage which is machined from a single block of aircraft grade aluminium in a 14-hour process. We’ve made significant R&D advancements in our Flitecells (batteries) and believe they are the safest marine battery on the market. Fliteboard’s advanced safety features like automatic tilt detection and magnetic arming, and intelligent Battery Management System ensure your ride is seamless.

We have a wide range of Fliteboard models - from beginner to expert, we have a setup for you. Fliteboard's modular design allows you to advance and share your rides with friends and family. Our 2 year warranty across all Fliteboard products and 24/7 global Customer Support ensure you always get the best assistance possible.

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We have offices in Melbourne Australia; San Fransisco and Nyack in the USA; and Amsterdam in The Netherlands. Fliteboard HQ is in Byron Bay, Australia. This is where we design and assemble our Fliteboards, each one hand finished and treated like a bespoke work of art. If you are interested in lessons, servicing or purchasing in-store, we have 300+ Flite Partners and resellers around the world that can be found via our Locations page.

Fliteboards operate on battery power, which means they can be recharged using renewable energy. Our hydrofoil efficiency and light weight potentially make Fliteboard the most environmentally friendly ‘powered’ water craft (not reliant upon wind or waves) when speed and range is considered. Sustainability is one of our company values and we are on a path of continuous improvement to make Fliteboard as environmentally friendly as possible.

We appreciate your interest. We are growing fast and always on the lookout for world class talent. Please express your interest by emailing through your resume to

We currently offer finance in Australia only, through ZIP Money.

Flitescooter operates on battery power, which means it can be recharged using renewable energy. Our hydrofoil efficiency and light weight potentially make Fliteboard the most environmentally friendly ‘powered’ water craft. Sustainability is one of our company values and we are on a path of continuous improvement to make Flitescooter as environmentally friendly as possible.

Please check your local regulations for age and legal requirements. We recommend adult supervision. Licence regulations vary from state to state and country to country. For example, in Australia, Fliteboard is exempt from registration in some states, and in others it must be registered as a vessel. It is the responsibility of riders to be aware of and comply with regulations in their specific location.


You can carry the board by holding one handle and the mast. The board can either be in front of you or behind you. Alternatively, you can crouch down beside the board and place the mast on the top of your shoulder. Engaging your core, lift your setup as if you are coming out of a squat. The board will be resting on your back and you can have both hands on the mast.

If carrying the complete board and battery is too heavy, we suggest carrying them separately and connecting the battery close to where you’ll enter the water. Just be sure to avoid putting your Flitecell battery on the sand. Carry it down and place it straight into your board.

It’s easy to learn how to Fliteboard, with most people able to get up in under an hour. We recommend taking a lesson at one of our global Fliteschools. In the meantime you can learn more by reading this article about How to Fliteboard.

Fliteschool locations can be found on our website.

Many people have compared Fliteboarding to snowboarding in soft powder. It's similar to surfing and skateboarding but requires more front foot pressure.

The propulsion system is the difference between an eFoil vs hydrofoil. Through the use of electric power, you can experience a quiet yet thrilling ride on an eFoil. The electric motor gives you the power to fly through the air above a flat lake or river without the effort of pumping, like you do on a hydrofoil. While a hydrofoil relies on wind and waves, eFoils give you the freedom to ride anywhere, anytime. eFoiling has a much easier learning curve than hydrofoiling or surfing.

Like other water and snow sports, expect to crash and have a few thrills and spills, especially when learning. Like other water and snow sports, learning to Fliteboard can be an extreme activity. You need to be travelling at around 20km/h to be able to hydrofoil, and there is potential to hit the board, wing or eFoil in a crash. Part of the learning experience involves learning to fall away from the board to avoid injury. We reccomend wearing an Impact Vest and a helmet.

Fliteboard can achieve speeds in excess of 50km/h. Top speed depends on a number of variables including weight, wing choice, propulsion system and rider ability. It's best to review our Ride Time Calculator for the most accurate data.

Regulations vary from State to State and Country to Country. For example, in Australia Fliteboard is exempt from registration in some states, and in others it must be registered as a vessel. It is the responsibility of riders to be aware of and comply with regulations in their specific location.

It is highly recommended that you wear appropriate safety gear when Fliteboarding, including an approved Impact Vest and helmet. When going out alone, notify people of your location and intented time of return. You may choose to ride with your cellphone in a waterproof pouch in the event of an emergency. If going a long distance, ensure you have a support boat to accompany you.

Our Bluetooth Flite Controller has the battery charge % displayed on the screen and gives warnings at 50%, 10% and low battery, so you can make it back to land before running out. You'll hear a beep, vibration and get a message. We suggest not riding out further than you are willing to swim back.

While Fliteboard can be ridden in a wave or ocean swell (just like a SUP or surf foil) Fliteboard is not suitable for riding breaking waves in the surf zone. Riders do so at their own risk.
Fliteboard is much lighter than other powered craft, however it is heavier than a surfboard or SUP Foil. Therefore, it can be more dangerous to riders or other water users if caught in a wave. Fliteboard should never be ridden in the breaking surf zone, near other water users (including swimmers and surfers) or offshore from swimmers and surfers (in case Fliteboard is pushed towards shore in a wave).


Prices range depending on your setup, so configure a board for more accurate pricing.

Your purchase is final once we have received payment in full for your product and shipped it to you. We do not accept the return of any product unless faulty, in which case the return must be made in accordance with our Terms & Conditions of Sale.

We accept MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, Poli and Direct Bank Transfer.

Full payment is required prior to shipping your board. You can make the Final Balance Payment any time you'd like, but this won’t affect your place in the queue. The expected shipment date of your order will be confirmed at the time that we send you the Purchase Agreement, after your order has been placed. We offer next day shipping/dispatch on most configurations.

Yes, most components like a second Flitecell, Flitecell Charger, front wing or even boards are available as add-ons.


The epoxy construction boards, Fliteboard, PRO and ULTRA /L can be repaired by your local surfboard repair specialist. The inflatable construction Fliteboard AIR may be repaired using the included repair kit. Fliteboard Limited 2 year Warranty covers damage caused by defects in the materials or workmanship of the product only.

There are 4 different models on offer.

Fliteboard – 5'8'' x 100L is the best size for most riders who are willing to take a few sessions to really get the hang of it. (Available in Carbon Fibre and Fibreglass)

Fliteboard PRO – 5'0'' x 67L is a smaller board for a more responsive ride. It isn't as easy to learn on, particularly for heavy riders. Well suited to those with boardsports experience or lighter weight riders. (Available in Carbon Fibre and Fibreglass)

Fliteboard ULTRA / L – 4'2" x 57L is an adrenaline machine. Minimal swing weight lets you push eFoiling limits. Best for experienced riders. (Available in Carbon Fibre only)

Fliteboard AIR – 6'8" x 164L is an inflatable board with the most stability, making it perfect for beginners. It is lightweight, more impact resistant, and very easy to transport.

Fliteboard, PRO and ULTRA / L are made from our signature composite of carbon fibre and bulletproof grade Italian Carbon Innegra. This material provides superior strength for its weight. Boards are lighter to carry but can still withstand frequent use, wear and tear.

Fliteboard and PRO are also available in fibreglass construction. You'll still get the performance and durability that Fliteboard is known for, at a more accessible price point.

AIR has an inflatable PVC Coated Drop Stitch exterior and carbon core. This allows for constant use and enjoyment. Considered design makes it easy to roll up, transport and store.

Fliteboard and PRO are available in 'Carbon' and 'Carbon Classic'. Both are made from the same premium carbon fibre and innegra construction for ultimate strength to weight ratio. 'Carbon Classic' refers to the board's classic, iconic shape. 'Carbon' boards showcase a new shape, deck grips, handles and finishes.


The main difference between Flitecell Explore, Sport and Nano is the foil time. You can find out more information with the Ride Calculator.


We have two chargers available for purchase. Both plug into a standard household wall socket.

Flitecell Charger is 13.5 Amp. It charges Flitecell Explore in 2hr 30min, Flitecell Sport in 1hr 45min and Flitecell Nano in 1hr.

Flitecell Fast Charger is 25 Amp. It charges Flitecell Explore in 1hr 45min, Flitecell Sport in 1hr 15min and Flitecell Nano in 50min.

Unfortunately electric vehicle batteries are not permitted on passenger aircraft at this stage. Depending on the route, it may be possible to ship the Flitecell separately on a dedicated cargo plane, via road or sea transport.

The Flite Controller display shows the remaining Flitecell power as voltage, remaining time and range (based upon your power consumption). An efficiency screen on the controller displays watt hours per kilometre, to guide you to speed up or slow down to maximise your ride time and range.

In addition, the specially configured Battery Management System will reduce the power available when the Flitecell is close to running out. This gives you enough power to motor slowly back to shore, but not enough power to foil. For safety reasons, you should never ride further from shore than you are prepared to swim.

The maximum possible distance can vary in excess of 40km and depends on your wing choice, battery choice, conditions, rider experience and weight. Checkout the Ride Calculator for a precise indication based on individual setups.

Flitecell is the best portable marine battery range available. Ride duration is dependent on a number of variables like weight, speed, competency of the rider as well as wing and propulsion system. The most accurate indication of battery charge duration is found on our Ride Calculator. A general indication of charge duration is provided below.


Yes, all Fliteboard wings are compatible and interchangeable with any Fliteboard, however the Cruiser 1800 and Cruiser Jet 1800 are for Series 2 and 3 Fuselages only. We do not recommend putting performance wings on the AIR.

Fliteboard wings are carbon composite epoxy construction and can be repaired by your local surfboard repair specialist.

Fliteboard wings are built in a high pressure, pre-preg carbon fibre construction for stiffness and strength.

Sometimes foil wings can make a humming noise at certain speeds. This can be easily fixed by a process called 'tuning' which involves lightly sandpapering the trailing edge of the wing. Follow the instructions in this video to tune your wing and get rid of the noise.

Learn more about Fliteboard eFoil wings on our Wings page or in this article.

Yes, except the Flite 500 stabiliser which requires its own set of shims (those are supplied together with the stabiliser wing when purchased).


We offer 3 masts of varying length that are best suited to different boards and rider preferences.

60cm / 24" mast: Best suited to the AIR. Our 60cm mast is the most user friendly. In the event of a fall, riders are less likely to land on the wing, and when the rider falls it will be from a lower height above the water and therefore have a reduced impact. It also allows riders to Fliteboard in shallower water as there is less risk of hitting the bottom.

75cm / 29" mast: Suits Fliteboard, PRO and ULTRA / L . Our most popular mast length suits the widest range of users for all round performance from carving to cruising. Longer masts provide a benefit when riding in choppy conditions since there is more range of height to fly above the chop. The board can also be carved harder and tighter in the turns because the mast allows for a lower angle before the board touches the water.

80cm / 31.5" mast: Best suited to the ULTRA / L. Designed for more advanced riders, it's the preferred choice when tackling bigger waves. As with the 75cm mast, it allows for riding higher over choppy water and even more extreme lean angles in turns and carving.

Flite Controller

The Flite Controller is fully waterproof. It includes a magnetic hall sensor throttle for precise throttle control. The Flite Controller includes a number of rider modes to make learning easier, and also to provide precision control for experienced riders. Flite Controller features a high contrast digital display that provides a range of information to help you get the most from your ride, and to assist you to return home with remaining Flitecell power.

Flite Folding Propellor

Folding Prop is compatible with all Fliteboards with a prop system. It’s best paired with a Pro tail cover. It is best suited to the ULTRA, ULTRA L or PRO.

Flite Folding Prop is not compatible with Flite Jet as it uses an impeller rather than a propeller. The Dual Drive system allows you to easily and quickly swap between Flite Jet and Flite Propulsion module where you can add the Flite Folding Prop.

While True Glide Prop minimises drag by freely spinning when not powered, Folding Prop simply folds into a streamlined position when unpowered. It does so by pivoting at the root of each blade, allowing the flow of water to push it closed. As soon as power is engaged, centrifugal force and thrust open and hold the blades into position. 

Flite Folding Prop is easy to install. You can find the easy instructions here.

Like all Flite components Folding Prop should be rinsed with fresh water after every use. 

Folding Prop is machined from aircraft grade aluminium.  

No, the intelligent design of Folding Prop means that it transforms automatically and mechanically. There is no need to select a specific mode to use Folding Prop on your Fliteboard. 

Flite AIR

Flite AIR is the result of years of work to offer Flite quality at a lower price. A revolutionary board concept, created by using smart design and engineering to reduce cost without reducing quality, and without impacting on weight, durability or safety features.

Flite AIR 5’8” 110L is suited for all kinds of riders, especially beginners as its rigid inflatable construction offers great buoyancy, stability, comfort and safety. Flite AIR PRO 5’2" 80L is less buoyant and stable, and designed for an agile and responsive ride.

Flite AIR is perfectly suited for families, it can be used with the optional Flite Jet propulsion system for maximum safety.

Flite AIR combines a rigid foam-core platform for a steady and responsive ride, with a reinforced inflatable outer section that helps keep weight down and durability up.

The maximum rider weight for Flite AIR and AIR PRO is 100kg.

Flite AIR is compatible with the Flitecell Nano and Sport. It is not compatible with Flitecell Explore.

Flite products are created in a modular ecosystem, all Flite eFoils are compatible with Flite AIR.

Flite AIR and AIR PRO can be used with the Prop Guard propulsion system as well as Flite Jet and Folding Prop.

All Flite wings are compatible with Flite AIR, with the exception of our range of Performance wings which only attach to a conical interface eFoil.

Yes, Flite AIR and AIR PRO's inflatable construction may be repaired using the included repair kit.

Flite AIR and AIR PRO do not come with bags. The Travel Bags can be purchased separately here

Our inflatable product range has evolved. We now offer Flite AIR and AIR PRO, Flitescooter and Fliteboard AIR XL Inflatable, to convert your Flitescooter into an inflatable board that rides without a handlebar.

Flite x Marc Newson

You can purchase Flite x Marc Newson directly from our website, or head to the Locations page to find the closest Flite Authorised Partner near you. Alternatively, email and the Sales Team will be able to assist you. Please be aware it is a limited one-time release of 999 full configurations.

The MN eFoil is a flowing form, with the mast, fuselage and tail connected as one single monobloc. Eliminating joints, bolts and seams results in a stiffer and more streamlined eFoil for less hydrodynamic drag and a more responsive ride. This singular form made from Japanese high modulus pre-preg carbon fibre is the lightest, stiffest and strongest eFoil ever imagined. The MN monobloc eFoil is available as MN Dual Drive and MN Wave.

They are designed for different uses. MN Dual Drive is 62mm wide and is suitable for a broad range of riding styles. It comes with Flite Jet and True Glide Prop. The MN Wave comes with Flite Folding Prop and uses a motor with a diameter of only 46mm. This smaller diameter means the integrated motor is smaller and less powerful. However, its small size coupled with Flite Folding Prop creates far less drag, making it perfect for unpowered wave riding. 

MN86 and MN60 are pre-configured with the MN Dual Drive eFoil, while MN60 Wave is pre-configured with the MN Wave eFoil. 

Yes you can, however we recommend the True Glide Prop or Flite Folding Prop for maximum glide on waves. When you choose the MN Dual Drive eFoil, you will receive both Flite Jet and True Glide.

No tools are required to change from jet to prop, however tools are required to remove the prop guard (if applicable). Prop guard removal tools are supplied to customers when purchasing the Pro Tail cover, which is essential if using a propeller without the prop guard.

Designed for use on the MN Wave eFoil, our new folding prop is perfect for catching waves. When using the power of swell instead of the electric motor, Flite Folding Prop turns into a streamlined shape for minimum drag. Apply power again and it unfolds to accelerate.

Yes, the MN eFoil case has space for both propulsion systems, as MN86 and MN60 come with both Flite Jet and True Glide.

The main difference between MN Flitecell Explore, Sport and Nano is the foil time. All three batteries also vary in weight. The lightest, MN Flitecell Nano is best suited for wave riding and offers the most responsive ride. Depending on rider weight and conditions estimated foil time is as follows:

MN Flitecell Nano - Foil time up to 45mins
MN Flitecell Sport - Foil time up to 1.5hrs
MN Flitecell Explore - Foil time up to 2.5hrs

Yes, the MN Flitecell range comes in a limited edition orange anodised titanium case but can be used in other Fliteboards. Your existing Flitecells can also be used to power the Flite x Marc Newson range. 

The new MN Flite Controller is based on the award-winning Flight Controller. Updated to be more rider friendly it features a large round colour, high brightness OLED screen. Riders benefit from easy to read animated real-time feedback and an organic and circular shape, ergonomically designed to fit your natural grip. Wave mode logs and displays live wave data throughout your session. Charging is done wirelessly with the new inductive charging dock.

No. The MN range uses a new conical lightweight titanium nose cone that is flush mounted to the high modulus pre-preg carbon fibre wing. It attaches to the fuselage differently to previous Flite wings.

Limited to a one-time release of 999 full configurations, no expense was spared in designing, engineering and constructing this top of the line eFoil. We pushed boundaries and created what we think is the world’s best eFoil. To achieve this we used materials and techniques borrowed from aerospace engineering and the highest class of motorsport. The result is not just a lighter and more responsive eFoil but a never to be repeated work of art from one of the world’s most influential designers. Further, MN86 and MN60 come with both True Glide Prop and Flite Jet propulsion systems, and two wing sets for increased versatility.

The Marc Newson Fliteboards are sold as a full configuration only and it is not possible to buy the controller, board, eFoil or any other Marc Newson components individually.

Flitescooter General

On a Flitescooter, you have four points of contact (both feet on the board, holding the handlebars), whereas on Fliteboard you only have two points of contact. That makes Flitescooter way easier to balance when stationary or moving. It's like riding a scooter versus a skateboard.

A standard Flite Controller clips into removable handlebars so that the Flitescooter can easily be converted to a Fliteboard for surf style riding. 

No, they are different products. However, you can ride Flitescooter very similarly to a Fliteboard AIR if you remove the handlebars.

Flitescooter has been extensively tested with riders weighing up to 120 kg / 265 lbs. Heavier riders may be able to use Flitescooter, however our factory specified limit for warranty is 120kg / 265lbs.

Flitescooter is made from advanced materials and constructed to be durable and lightweight. PVC coated drop stitch material inflates around a carbon core, providing superior buoyancy and strength. Flitescooter is even more buoyant than Fliteboard AIR. Custom made deck grips and moulded silicon handles are colour matched to the board.

Flitescooter board weighs 15.5kg. The full setup, including Flitecell Sport and wings weighs 38.65kg. It is our largest, most stable board.

Flitescooter is a clean and quiet alternative to a jet ski for both fun and transportation. Customers can use Flitescooter as a tender for their boats, with its easy step-on, step-off design. It's also great for touring the lake or canal, with almost anyone capable of carving through turns in a matter of minutes.

Flitescooter comes with a 60cm/24" eFoil in silver, Flite Jet, Cruiser 1800 wing, Flite 500 stabiliser, board bag, eFoil bag, Flitecell Sport and Flitecell Charger. For an additional fee, you can upgrade to Flitecell Explore and Flitecell Fast Charger.

Yes, Flitescooter is compatible with our Fliteboard wings, Flite Controller and Flitecell batteries. It has been designed to be used with Flite Jet only, so we do not recommend using Flite Propeller or any mast other than the 60cm silver mast that comes standard with Flitescooter. The Fliteboard ecosystem is proven since 2018 with riders in more than 90 countries globally. Build upon your investment by upgrading components, and easily convert between Flitescooter and Fliteboard.

The inflatable construction may be repaired using the included repair kit. Flitescooter limited 2 year warranty covers damage caused by defects in the materials or workmanship of the product only. For damage to any parts or servicing, please visit a Flite Authorised Service Partner.

No, the handlebars are not adjustable. They are 121cm tall. Extensive testing has shown that a single height is suitable for cruising.

Flitescooter Riding

We have designed Flitescooter to be easier than learning to ride a bike. While we say that most people can learn to Fliteboard in under an hour, most people learn to foil within minutes on Flitescooter.

You can increase and decrease your speed with the thumb throttle, after setting a starting gear on Flite Controller. Lighter riders may use gear 1 and heavier riders may need to set a higher starting gear. In order to get to a planing then foiling speed, you will need to be going approximately 20km/h.

To turn, use your weight and the handlebars to direct your Flitescooter. Lean left or right to turn, press your weight down to bring the board closer to the water and lean back slightly to foil higher. Flitescooter is intuitive and easy to ride, so anyone can experience the magic of flying over water.

We recommend riding in calm water only, with at least 1m / 3.3ft depth. As with any watersport, there is a possibility of getting splashed or falling in the water, however Flitescooter's buoyancy and stability make it easy to step on and step off from a dock or yacht, without ever getting wet.

Flitescooter includes a wireless safety key. This adds an additional level of safety to ensure that Flitescooter can only be operated when a rider is present on the board. If you have lost your wireless safety key, your speed will be limited to gear 3.

There is no pairing required. Simply press the face of the safety key to turn it on. You will now see 'Safety Key Detected' appear on Flite Controller. If your wireless safety key isn't working you may need to replace the battery (CR2032), which can be purchased at your local supermarket.

Flitescooter uses virtual gears to limit speed to 26km/h for safety. This allows for more confident and relaxed cruising. It is possible to turn off this safety feature to allow for riding like a Fliteboard.

We always recommend that you wear appropriate safety gear when Flitescootering, including an approved PFD / Impact Vest and helmet. Check your local regulations to confirm requirements.

If you want to stop quickly, gently release your throttle to drop the speed. You’ll come back to the stationary floating position. If a fall is unavoidable, release the thumb throttle, but continue to hold onto the handlebars and roll sideways with your board. This helps to avoid contact with sharp edges like the wings or mast. It also keeps you with your board so you can easily get back on and try again. 

Flitescooter uses Fliteboard's proven control software and Flite App, which has been updated to include Fly Zones (also known as geofence ride boundaries). This allows yachts, schools, resorts, families or regular riders to set up ‘safe’ areas on the app to ensure riding in areas of adequate water depth. Head outside of the safe area and the system will alert or shut down power, depending upon rider settings. If Fly Zones isn't working then update all firmware and try again.

This will depend on your weight and whether you are using a Flitecell Sport or Flitecell Explore. Visit our Ride Calculator for more details.

Like our Fliteboards, Flitescooter is easy to transport and store, with considered design for smaller spaces like the back of a car. Unlike a jet ski, no boat ramp is needed for launch. Simply find a suitable body of water and you're ready to ride.

It's easiest for two people to carry Flitescooter. If carrying on your own, we recommend removing the Flitecell first, then placing one hand on the mast and one hand on the board handle.

You can push Flitescooter out to deeper water either on its side, or upside down without the handlebars inserted. Once you’re in chest deep water, flip the board over, insert the handlebars and climb aboard from the side. At this point you can lock in the handlebars. If you’re stepping on from a dock or the back of a boat, you can have the handlebars clipped in beforehand.

We do not recommend that more than one person ride Flitescooter.

Flitescooter is designed to work with the supplied Cruiser 1800 wing and Flite Jet only. If you choose to remove the handlebars and ride it like a large Fliteboard AIR, then you could change the wings or propulsion. When riding with handlebars, Flitescooter is designed for Flite Jet only with a 60cm mast.

Series 3

In Series 3, we have introduced the following innovations and advancements:

Flite Jet is the world's smallest and lowest drag jet for the safest, smoothest ride.
Dual Drive is a unique interchangeable propulsion design allowing riders to change from jet to prop.
ULTRA L is the world's lightest performance eFoil.
Flitecell Nano is the lightest lithium-ion eFoil battery.
80cm / 31.5" mast lets you ride higher, carve harder and take on bigger waves.
Fibreglass construction options are available at a more affordable price for Fliteboard and PRO.
Cruiser Jet wings are perfectly paired with Flite Jet for max efficiency and safer wing tips.
New iconic shape for Fliteboard and PRO.
Premium inset custom deckgrips, sliding silicon handles, silicon nose guard, new colours and finishes.
Fliteboard PRO in black comes standard with footstraps for freestyle riders wanting to push the limits.

Flite Jet is the world's smallest eFoil jet, featuring a fully shielded impeller. It offers the safest smoothest Fliteboard experience. Read more about jet vs propeller riding.

Unique to Flite, Dual Drive is an innovative propulsion system that allows the user to quickly change from Flite Jet to Flite Propeller or True Glide Prop. No tools required.

Flite Jet is the world's smallest, lowest drag eFoil jet. Featuring a fully shielded impeller that reduces the risk of contact to ensure the safest, smoothest ride. It’s the ideal choice for families, beginners, yachts and Fliteschools.

Flite Propeller is the best choice for maximum efficiency, thrust and control. We recommend that beginners use the Prop Guard for safety. Intermediate riders can remove it and replace it with the Pro Tail Cover for greater efficiency and to reach top speeds.

True Glide is a free spinning propeller, designed for minimum drag when catching waves and riding swell. Using only the power of the ocean, you can release the trigger to glide. The transition between powered and unpowered is unbelievably smooth. Power back out after your wave to catch the next set. This is the best choice for experienced riders looking for max range to weight ratio.

For more info read this article.

We recommend the True Glide prop for catching waves.

No tools are required to change from jet to prop, however tools are required to remove the prop guard (if applicable). Prop guard removal tools are supplied to customers when purchasing the Pro Tail cover, which is essential if using a propeller without the prop guard.

If you purchase a jet and prop, you will receive an eFoil case that has space for both propulsion systems.

No, Flite Jet is only compatible with Series 3.

The 80cm mast is not compatible with Series 1. Customers with a Series 2 board may attach the 80cm mast to all models except AIR.


Series 2 Pro Tail Covers are compatable with Series 3. Series 1 are a stand-alone product.

Series 2.2

Series 2 Fliteboard is compatible with Series 2.2 and Series 3 Flitecell range, eFoil Packaging, Flite Controller and Flite App updates.

Series 2.2 eFoil packaging is compatible with Series 2. Series 2 customers can purchase via our website.

Titanium plates make Series 2.2 Flitecell the most robust and durable marine battery there is. It contains premium 21700 cells and additional thermal headroom. Phase Change Material is in Flitecell Explore. Advanced BMS (Battery Management System) in the entire range.

The Series 2.2 Flite Controller has double the range with a new long throw trigger. The increased range from 20 to 40 degress allows riders to enjoy more precision and control when powering in and out of turns.

The wing quiver bag is an optional wing bag that can be purchased separately from our website.

Our Series 2.2 eFoil bag is 40% smaller, lighter and stronger, to house your eFoil perfectly. Our customers want choice and many own multiple wings to change up their ride. We now offer an optional wing quiver bag to house all those extra toys.

Series 2

No. Series 2 eFoils require a special mastbox and battery box to work correctly as the receiver for the Flite Controller is now built into the Flitebox and not into the top of the board. Series 2 boards also have been designed to allow for RF signals to pass through it while underwater.

No. Series 1 eFoils require the board to have the Receiver built into the board. Series 2 boards expect the Receiver to be incorporated within the eFoils Flitebox.


Yes. Note, the Series 2 latches require the new backing plate with 4 screw mounting holes.

No. The connection signal is not strong enough, and the firmware is not compatible with the eFoil.

No. The firmware is not compatible. It can however be modified by Fliteboard HQ (requires internal software and firmware source files).

Yes. If using the Series 1 Sport battery, ensure the battery foam spacer is used in the battery compartment.

The label on the Flitecell is marked with a serial number.

The new deck grip has a thermoformed stipple (small bumps) across the diamond pattern to improve grip and comfort.

No. The Series 1 and 2 fuselages have different tail piece connections and are not interchangeable.

Yes but the Series 2 End Cap has been improved for better serviceability. The Series 2 End Cap can be used on the Series 1 fuselage but the Propeller Duct will need to be swapped for the Series 2 variant also.

No. The Series 1 variant does not have the correct bayonet fitting.

Yes. All wings are compatible with Series 1 and 2 eFoils.*

*Exception: The Cruiser 1800 must not be fitted to a Series 1 eFoil that does not have the reinforced webbing at the front of the fuselage. This can be confirmed by checking the serial number of the eFoil as it contains the information.

*The Cruiser 1800 wing must not be used on a 75cm eFoil.


Yes but there will be a large step behind the aft of the wing which will result in induced drag.