Shipping Policy

Fliteboard Shipping Policy


This shipping policy applies to all Fliteboard products sold by Fliteboard Pty Ltd, Fliteboard, LLC, or Fliteboard B.V., and sets out the shipping process you can expect when placing an order with us.

Delivery Information

Once you have placed your order via our website or with a member of our sales team, we will be in contact with you to confirm the estimated lead-time for your chosen product(s). The lead-time is an estimate as to when your order will be dispatched and does not include time in transit.

Due to the demand for our products, we often experience a lead-time of up to several weeks, which may vary depending on the season and overall demand. We endeavour to keep this lead-time as short as possible to make sure you are on the water as quickly as possible. However, we cannot make guarantees or assurances as to lead-time when you first make your order with us.

You will be notified when your products have been shipped.

How long will my shipment take?

The estimated delivery time for our order will depend on your location. While we work closely with our logistics partners to provide you accurate delivery information, delivery times are estimates only and cannot be guaranteed. Once your product(s) are in transit, any delays are outside our control.

Below are our best estimates for delivery times:


Expected delivery time

Australia and New Zealand

For most locations, delivery is usually within 3-10 days, depending on your delivery address. Western Australia may take up to 14 days for delivery. Locations offshore from mainland Australia, Tasmania, and the North and South Islands of New Zealand may also experience longer delivery times.


Delivery to locations in continental Europe is usually within 3-10 days. However, certain countries or locations may experience longer delivery times.

United States

Delivery to the mainland states of the United States is usually within 14 days. However, Alaska, Hawaii and certain remote areas may experience longer delivery times.

Rest of World

Delivery times vary for the rest of the world depending on country and location. After you have made your purchase, an estimated delivery time will be provided to you.

You can also contact us to request an estimate.

Unfortunately, we are not currently able to arrange shipping to Maldives or Russia. 

If your location requires us to sea freight your products (see below), you may experience a longer delivery time. 

How much will my shipping cost?

Where possible, we aim to provide a flat rate of shipping of Fliteboard:


Shipping cost


AUD$200 incl GST

New Zealand

NZD$900 incl GST

Mainland United States

USD$400 excl taxes


USD$800 excl taxes


USD$1,200 excl taxes


USD$800 excl taxes

Europe 1 - Luxembourg

€468 incl VAT

Europe 2 - Germany

€476 incl VAT

Europe 3 - Austria, France, Monaco

€480 incl VAT

Europe 4 - Belgium, Netherlands, Spain excl Balearic Islands, Canary Islands

€484 incl VAT

Europe 5 - Italy excl Sardinia, Sicily

€488 incl VAT

Europe 6 - Portugal excl Azores

€492 incl VAT

Europe 7 - Finland

€496 incl VAT

Europe 8 - Denmark, Sweden

€500 incl VAT

Europe 9 - Malta

€708 incl VAT

Europe 10 - Romania

€716 incl VAT

Europe 11 - Bulgaria, Slovakia

€720 incl VAT

Europe 12 - Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania, Balearic Islands (Spain)

€728 incl VAT

Europe 13 - Estonia, Italy - Sardinia, Sicily, Slovenia

€732 incl VAT

Europe 14 - Ireland, Poland

€740 incl VAT

Europe 15 - Croatia

€752 incl VAT

Europe 16 - Hungary

€764 incl VAT

Europe 17 - United Kingdom

€864 incl VAT

Europe 18 - Cyprus

€952 incl VAT

Europe 19 - Canary Islands (Spain)

€968 incl VAT

Rest of World

If your country is not listed above, you will be quoted shipping separately when you enter your delivery address into the checkout on our website.

You can also contact us to request a quote.

Unfortunately, we are not currently able to arrange shipping to Maldives or Russia.


For any spare part purchases, the shipping costs will be estimated at checkout on our website once you have provided your delivery address.

What about the costs of import fees, duties and taxes?

If you are located in Australia, the United States or the European Union, including the United Kingdom, we will cover the cost of import fees, duties and other import taxes.

If you are located outside these areas, you will be required to pay any import fees, duties and other import taxes. You will also be required to make any necessary arrangements with your customs office or port authority.

We encourage you to seek further information from your local customs office or port authority.

Tracking Your Fliteboard Order 

Once shipped, you will be provided a tracking link (where available) for your Fliteboard order.

Sometimes your order may ship in multiple consignments, in which case you will be provided tracking information for each one.

Flitecells in Transit – Dangerous Goods 

If your Fliteboard order contains a Flitecell, the estimated delivery schedule cannot be guaranteed as the Flitecell is classed as dangerous goods. Your Flitecell may also be split from the rest of your shipment and delivered on a separate vehicle at a different time. This can take approximately 1-4 days longer than the rest of the shipment.

Your tracking information will often show that the goods have been held or delayed in transit. If this occurs, it will be resolved, and the tracking updated once our logistics partner has cleared the goods. We will be contacted by our logistics partner if anything further is required to ship your Flitecell.

Signature on Delivery 

Your shipment will require a signature on delivery due to the high value of the goods.

For your convenience, you may prefer to have your shipment delivered to a business or separate location where someone will be available to sign for the goods.  

I need to change my shipping address 

If you have not yet received your shipment notification or tracking information, you can change your shipment address by contacting our team at and providing the updated details.  

What happens if my delivery goes missing or is damaged? 

Once your goods are in transit, any issues or delays are outside Fliteboard’s control.

In the event of any issues with your delivery, we will be in contact with our logistics partner to provide any information that might assist resolve the issue.

If you receive your Fliteboard goods and find they are damaged, please immediately contact Fliteboard at

Shipping Method: Air vs Sea

The shipping method of your Fliteboard goods will be determined based on your location.

Some remote regions and island nations will only allow Flitecells to be shipped by sea. In this instance, shipping can take between 6-12 weeks.

You will be provided with an estimated delivery date after your goods have left port. Once goods are in transit via sea, Fliteboard has no control over any delays that may occur due to external factors such as port congestion or poor weather. Fliteboard will provide updates on your shipment if any major delays occur once in transit.